In the name of sustainability, INJAMA spices is established. It is proudly announced that the trade of INJAMA Spices based on the core of sustainability term. Environmentally, the product has no issue with the environment. The land used does not harm the soil and the forest.

Besides, in growing the products, the farmer makes sure to not use hazardous fertilizer. The product has been grown by using organic fertilizer. Socially, the farmer who works in producing some of the Spices has been paid fairly. Although the price of spices fluctuates, in the determination of raw material price from the local farmer, the price is relatively the same as trading in the next markets. It is conveniently stated that there is no such a huge gap price between farmer and the price when the product is traded in the local or global market. Economically, the emerge of INJAMA spices, it has been developed the welfare of the local people especially INJAMA spices farmer.

In order to underpin the sustainability and the desire of spices demand, INJAMA spices committed to ensuring every step start from the production until the trading process is in line with a sustainable manner. The business activity is not only about how to generate the profit as much as possible but also think and consider the environment, social and economy as a serious matter. In the future, along with the development of INJAMA spices and our commitment, to serve continuously the warmest through the spices into the world from the local’s heart is not impossible anymore.